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ActiveCampaign Review 2023: Pros & Cons, and pricing

ActiveCampaign Review 2023: Pros & Cons, and pricing

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ActiveCampaign review will give us an idea of  how robust this email marketing and automation software is. We’ll look at ActiveCampaign pricing, advanced features, pros and cons, and alternatives.

ActiveCampaign Review Summary

ActiveCampaign offers almost everything you need with a newsletter marketing tool, plus their automation features are hard to beat.

For those seeking pro features such as the in-built CRM, lead scoring, landing pages, and SMS marketing, a Plus plan starts at $70 per month (for up to 500 subscribers).

With the free plan, you can send 100 emails and have a limit of 100 contacts, but the activecampaign pro plan offers you up to have 250,000 contacts.

Why Active Campaign Email Marketing Software is Awesome

Active Campaign offers software for customer experience automation, which combines email marketing automation, marketing automation, sales automation, and CRM categories.

The single message autoresponder email had an astonishing 98% open rate and a 37% click-through rate, according to Venturebeat.

Marketers who used activecampaign automation segmented features in campaigns saw a 760% increase in revenue.

In fact, using Marketing automation tools drives a 14.5% increase in sales.

While researching email marketing automation tools, I came across active campaign; I signed up for a trial and saw that ActiveCampaign also had a built-in CRM.

I found that ActiveCampaigns CRM had the potential to be almost totally automated using rules and workflows…now we’re talking.

ActiveCampaign Review: Pricing starts at just $9/month.

activecampaign pricing
activecampaign pricing

More than 130,000 businesses in 170 countries use the ActiveCampaign automation platform to engage meaningfully with their customers.

The platform gives companies of all sizes access to 500+ pre-built automation that combine email marketing automation, marketing automation, and CRM so they can segment and personalize across social media, email, messaging, and chat.

ActiveCampaign Automation lets you handle your marketing with ease and frees up your time so you can focus on what matters.

The ActiveCampaign CRM helps you organize all your customer data in one place with email automation and sales automation.

Manage and stay on top of your pipelines, update deals, and always follow up at the perfect moment.

Short and sweet, activecampaign sales automation helps you sell more.

Activecampaign features

Active Campaign is a powerful and flexible email marketing software.
It has all the features you need to manage your contacts, send personalized emails, track responses, create campaigns, and more.

Create Custom Email Templates
You can use custom HTML templates in your emails or use 125+ Built-in Email Templates with Drag & Drop Email Editor.

Create them from scratch or choose one of the many ready-to-use templates included with Active Campaign.

Send Your Emails From Any Device

activecampaign crm automation
activecampaign crm automation

Send your emails from any device: desktop computers, laptops, tablets, or smartphones.

The platform allows you to send triggered campaigns, sales follow-ups, automated segmentation, and dynamic emails.

Using your own inbox, you can automate sending one-to-one marketing messages to your customers.

You can also schedule emails to be sent at a certain time each day, week, or month.

Track Responses With Analytics

See how your recipients respond to your messages by using analytics tools.

See which links they click on, which images they view, and what other information they provide.

Automate Your Marketing

ActiveCampaign automation
ActiveCampaign automation

With Active Campaign’s automation capabilities, you can automate sending out email campaigns based on events like calendar reminders, Scheduling, or when an item changes status.

Or, you can set up automated tasks for things like sending out newsletters, sending coupons, or automatically responding to customer requests.

For example, If you are a blogger, you will be able to tell at a glance and segment your email based on the last time your contact visited your blog.

For Ecommerce businesses: You can pre-order products by creating a drip series that builds excitement for upcoming products and allows contacts to pre-order.

Once the contact has pre-ordered the product, the activecampaign email will leave the automation.

All in one Marketing Automation Tool
ActiveCampaign Automation Tool
+ Built in CRM for small business
+ Ecommerce Marketing and Email automation
+ 24/7 Live chat support
+ Drag and Drop Email Builder
+ Geo tracking and Predictive Sending
Free Trial$ 15
Annual Discount – Save 40%

Tracking Contacts
With Active Campaign, you can easily add contact details to your database and keep track of who your contacts are.

You can also see if they’ve opened your emails, clicked on links, viewed images, or responded to surveys.

Tracking Reports because it has powers

Use reports to find out which parts of your campaign were most successful.

You can view overall campaign metrics or drill down further into the details; reports help you analyze, measure and adjust your campaign as needed.

For example, you might want to know which links people clicked on the most, how often they opened your emails, how long it took them to open them, etc.

Purchase tracking for Shopify Woocommerce and BigCommerce is available on higher plans.

Add Multiple Addresses To A Contact

Compared to other email marketing platform, managing contact lists and contacts is much easier with Activecampaign, thanks to their automation features that allow you to organize people into lists.

Create groups based on industry, people who bought the products from you, different locations, customer lifetime value, and more.

Automation Recipes

activecampaign crm
activecampaign crm

Active campaign automation recipe is a pre-built automation template that you can import into your ActiveCampaign account.

The 500+ Automation Recipes  make it easy to set up the automation your business needs by providing you with a template, to begin with.

You can find all the automation recipes in ActiveCampaign Marketplace, which lets you browse, search, filter, and use a library of automation recipes in a matter of clicks.

The Marketplace, has filtering options that allow you to browse activecampaign recipes based on experience level, industry, features, and business needs.

Activecampaign CRM

active campaign crm review
active campaign crm review

Active campaign CRM sales automation will help you sell more in less time.

There are times when mundane tasks can eat up your schedule. And sometimes, contacts slip out of your funnel.

Along with sending emails, ActiveCampaign CRM also lets you create landing pages, send SMS prospect nurture campaigns, and personalized ‘Conversations’.

To website visitors, set up chatbot automation and even manage how your Facebook ads are displayed to contacts.

It’s a great solution if you’d like to centralize a significant chunk of your marketing and improve your customers’ overall experience.

Your entire sales pipeline process runs smoothly with an Active campaign CRM & sales automation tool.

Also, time sinks disappear if you automate the pipelines, monitor deals, track tasks and manage your contacts.

Building Activecampaign Forms

With Activecampaign email form builder, you can easily create and customize your forms in one simple interface.

Forms can be added to a page as a floating bar, a floating box form, or even a popup form for a more dynamic view.

Website Personalization

Create personalization for every visitor who visits your website; by creating an ideal experience, you can give each person what they also want and what you want them to do.

For example, you want them to buy more of your services or products, leave more reviews, share on social media and refer more people to your website.

You can personalize any page on your website or landing pages using an active campaign site management tool.

Activecampaign Integration

Activecampaign Integration
Activecampaign Integration

You can integrate ActiveCampaign with many tools, such as Google sheets, PayPal, Shopify, Calendly, Google Analytics, WordPress, and more.

Besides, it supports a wide range of survey and form tools such as Typeform and SurveyMonkey.

Zapier also integrates with them, so you shouldn’t have any problems finding what you need.

Check out all of the Activecampaign integrations here.

Free Migration Service

Switching from other email providers is free of cost; you can move your email templates automation workflows to recreate your opt-in forms and landing pages, including your lists, all the contacts, and tags.

Organize Your Database
Use the built-in organizational tools to organize your contacts into categories and subcategories.

Then, sort your records alphabetically or numerically.

You can use ActiveCampaign’s Find feature to locate contacts quickly and search by name, email address, phone number, or company.

All in one Marketing Automation Tool
ActiveCampaign Automation Tool
+ Built in CRM for small business
+ Ecommerce Marketing and Email automation
+ 24/7 Live chat support
+ Drag and Drop Email Builder
+ Geo tracking and Predictive Sending
Free Trial$ 15
Annual Discount – Save 40%

Language Support

Support and the website of ActiveCampaign are both available in English and five other languages.

There are more than 20 languages you can choose from when creating your user profile (including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, etc.)

Manage Recipients In Groups
Managing contacts in groups allows you to assign different permissions to different groups.

For example, you can give some contacts access to read but not edit others’ data.

By using just one provider for your various digital marketing efforts, you can potentially save money.

Activecampaign Alternatives

Moosend Advanced marketing automation tool.

Aweber Cross-device email testing.

Is ActiveCampaign a CRM?

You bet! You can use ActiveCampaign to manage contacts, deals, and leads.

Automating your sales process and sales pipeline is a breeze with ActiveCampaign. Find out more here

What is ActiveCampaign used for?

Use ActivCampaign for creating newsletters as well as managing contacts.

This all-in-one marketing automation software offers various features, making it a good choice for businesses of all sizes.

What can ActiveCampaign do?

ActiveCampaign allows you to do a variety of tasks, from sending out email newsletters to monitoring deals.

But its most distinctive feature is its marketing automation capabilities.

Does ActiveCampaign have landing pages?

ActivateCampaign’s landing page builder allows you to create modern landing pages with dynamic content blocks.

This means that you can customize your content depending on who is viewing it.

Does ActiveCampaign have a mobile app?

ActiveCampaign’s mobile app is available for both iOS and Android.

It allows you to view the campaign and email automation details, manage contacts, schedule and send campaigns, track email performance metrics, and much more.

Is It The Best Marketing Automation Software For Your Business?

Based on our data and experience with the platform, we have to say that, yes, Activecampaign is the best marketing automation software – because automation is precisely what it excels at.

This company positions itself as an automation specialist and aims at all-encompassing software providers.

Activecampaign is hard to beat if you’re looking for a robust marketing automation platform.

You will also get all of the email marketing tools you need to build multi-channel campaigns that cover every stage of the customer journey in addition to automation features.

The Pro plan is reasonably priced and gives you access to all of Activecampaign’s features – making it an excellent option for all types of businesses.

What are some of the best ActiveCampaign features?

ActiveCampaign is one of the most accessible and most straightforward email marketing solutions on the market today.

There is a price point that is easy to afford by new startups and small-to-medium businesses.

Best features?
Make sure your audience is segmented by setting up a few simple lists and using tags to designate any items that need to be further categorized.

I recommend using the three primary lists: free content, customer-only offers and promotions, and tags.

It is quite easy to integrate ActiveCampaign with all of the major players in the market.

One of my favorite integrations is Elementor + ActiveCampaign and Acuity Scheduling + ActiveCampaign.

What you can achieve with these tools is amazing for a service-based business

As far as support goes, ActiveCampaign offers live chat, email, and 1–1 training sessions.

Besides training programs, they also have an excellent resource library and weekly office hours.

Beyond this, they have a consultant directory (hey, I’m in there!), where you can hire additional support for your business.

Executive Summary of Activecampaign Automation Tool

ActiveCampaign is one of the best choices when it comes to an all-in-one digital marketing tools.

They are the real deal in marketing and sales automation and outdo other marketing tools’ automated workflows.

Your marketing Funnel can become personalized and generate more revenue by utilizing ActiveCampaign marketing automation tools and database marketing.

activecampaign review
activecampaign review

While it is challenging to keep up with the changing marketing trends on your own, you do have an option.

Because of this, marketing automation tools are becoming more and more popular among marketers.

There are countless marketing tools on the internet, which making it difficult to determine which one is best suited for your business.

ActiveCampaign is a great option for small and medium-sized businesses.

This tool is reasonably priced, but it also comes with features that compete with the most expensive automation software tools.

If you are willing to spend money on enterprise tools, then the ActiveCampaign Enterprise Plan is right for you.

Consider ActiveCampaign CRM and sales automation tool if your goal is to generate leads and increase prospecting outreach.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to your budget, requirements, business goals, and company size.

Take control of your marketing efforts today with Activecampaign automation.

What do you think? We value your feedback and appreciate hearing about your experience.😊

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